m.o.a.i.n. is a project by Samson

As an Edmonton-based musician, recording and visual artist, Chris Samson was part of a trio that scored a soundtrack to a film that won two festival awards in North America. As a solo act, he’s turned heads locally for his innovative melodies and technical prowess in experimental music, particularly in the ambient and alternative-electronic genres. He’s also a visual artist, self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound technician working several live events every year. And one more thing: Chris Samson is also a hearing-impaired truck driver.

That arsenal of talent has not only helped neutralize his medical handicap, it’s also been critical in establishing Samson as a legitimate recording artist. Professionally known as M.O.A.I.N. (Manifestations Of An Infinite Nothingness), Samson issued in his third full-length digital outing on Bandcamp, which showcases his eclectic bent in motifs still not fully explored by his more mainstream counterparts.

Released in November, 2019, Ungovernable Corporate Deconstructionist hearkens a wide spectrum of genres that reflect the darker sides of musical pioneers that include Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Jean-Michel Jarre, Sweatshop Union, KMFDM, Jimi Hendrix and Nine Inch Nails. The trick is how to keep those influences in check without dominating his original stream of thought, and to that end M.O.A.I.N. is up to the task.

“M.O.A.I.N. to me sounds like no one in particular, but you can tell by my guitar power cords there are alternative rock influences,” said Samson. “Also by all the synths and drums machines, there’s an electronic influence as well. The rest of it is me experimenting with my toys in different ways to create unique sounds.”

M.O.A.I.N. has been juggling his music prospects ever since growing up in his home town of Ajax, Ontario, where his fascination with music first culminated in picking the guitar during his teens as well as frequent trips to catch the percolating live Queen Street scene in Toronto. M.O.A.I.N. first materialized as a name for a band he put together just after high school, although the venture was short-lived.

Eventually, he headed west for career opportunities. After scoring a job as a truck driver, he also ran into future collaborators who would eventually form the group S’sE in 2013. The trio gained a small following and in 2018 scored a soundtrack for an independent short film called The Moustache. That same year, the outing won the Programmer’s Choice Alberta Short Live Action award at the Edmonton International Film Festival and best comedic short at the Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But by then, Samson, who was already working on M.O.A.I.N. projects on the side, was already planning to leave the band to dedicate more time to his solo ventures. Almost exactly a year since his departure from S’sE Sessions, his efforts culminated in the release of Ungovernable Corporate Deconstructionist. While his goals are to remain independent and collaborate with like-minded artists, Samson is hardly naïve about where his music will take him.

“I always wanted to be an artist full time,” he said, “but I will always be a trucker if that’s what needs to pay the bills.”

Extended Bio in Samson's words

Samson was born August 25th, 1984, and raised in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. From a young age he was known to be a creative child, always gravitating towards drawing, painting, and anything he could do to explore his own creativity. As he grew into his early youth he became more and more interested in music, particularly playing the guitar. His parents always did their best to support his passions and as soon as he made it known they put him into guitar lessons. As the years went by Samson would always try to get his friends together to jam but living in the suburbs proved to be extremely difficult because no one could take the terrible loud noise. Art and creativity was always a very personal experience so he would always continue on closing himself away in his bedroom working on a variety of things here or there. From guitar to drawing and doodles to poetry and very basic attempts at writing to web design and computer graphics. Although he had a very healthy social life being alone in his room spending his time being creative was always something he strongly gravitated towards. Even when his friends bugged him about not staying out later. As the years passed Samson continued on his journey exploring his artistic passions along with an ever growing love for computers and technology. Slowly being drawn more and more into the depths of music production. As this passion and understanding developed, reading and learning more and more about the music/art industry and the business of it he decided to go to school for something to help him in that realm. Samson spent many years going to and from Toronto to many different shows of a variety of kinds spanning many genres. Rock, metal, dance, house, hip hop, dubstep, raves, festivals, and many more. His fascination and passion for the organization, production, and just plain fun of it all growing tremendously. Due to the reality of the business in Canada, it has always been a challenge to make a living in the industry let a lone a string of personal challenges he has had to go through during his young adult life. The economic reality of Ontario resulted in Samson seeking out greater opportunity elsewhere. This took Samson out west across the country to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Where he found the woman of his dreams, economic prosperity, and the means to build his dream studio where he to this day only expands on his creative ambitions and dreams.